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Leanna Lewis

B.S. - Design
Human Behavior & Multi-Stakeholder Research
Climate & Environment

We presented our final set of 3D printed pieces at the Tradeshow, the culmination of the Design Capstone. My team was really pleased with how the pieces fit together, that there was something satisfying about it. We had also presented the set to our Coach’s daughter, who approved the Mix-a-Majigs by building as tall a tower as she could, and then building three figures: Mom, Dad, and Me. This project was a success and we thought we delivered on everything we set out to.

Brainstorm to Product: Mix a Majigs

We evaluated 4 foam tire lever prototypes with new ergonomic handles of varying size and shape, and presented a summary of our findings. The outcome was a detailed document summarizing user feedback. From this, we selected one design to advance further in the design process, which was documented and presented in a 5-minute presentation, encapsulating the essence of the entire project.

Ergonomics: Redesigning a Tire Lever

In this project, I definitely feel like I “overdid it” in my options before pulling back a lot and simplifying it knowing it would need to be printed on a t-shirt. It ended up being one of my favorite shirt designs and I still wear it around.

Graphic Design Iteration: SFIS Track

We submitted weekly design projects including screenshots and a description of our building, any additional views and floor plans, and the file itself on the Autodesk Construction Cloud.

Learning Programs: Revit

I completed the shoulder/neck piece by manipulating the cardboard to generate a range of textures for visual variety. I was inspired by a butterfly to be a centerpiece design. I made a basic display out of cardboard so it had something to rest on.
Once the wooden roulette wheel was complete, numbers were drawn on the centerpiece and the team generated a number of deceptive or negative outcomes. The class was able to spin the ball around the wheel and interact with it freely.
I positioned my metal sculpture in my planned location, by the bike racks, and the class visited each location for critique. One piece of feedback I got was that it was a good decision to leave the eyes abstract, because it conveyed that watchful gaze very well.

Planning & Fabrication: Sculpture

I made a paper prototype with tape, which met the basic requirements but had its limitations in complexity. I focused on demonstrating the shape of the bottom of the bottle. I presented this alongside my final rendering highlighting key features.

Protoyping: Boba Buddy

I finished up my Fellowship with a reflection and a final summary video that was presented to the Haas Center to use in the future. I included all of my graphic design work and work I did on the website. 

Redesigning with a Branded Organization: Rise South City

We created a clickable prototype using Figma, with a more polished look of Teacher Mode. We tried to mimic the style of Google Meet as it exists already, while incorporating some of the feedback we received, like larger icons. See URL for prototype.

Research to Improve UI: Google Meet

We have successfully run our art and design business for a number of years with lots of positive feedback on our work. We hope to expand our marketing in the near future.

Understanding a Market: Sticker Business

Many of these were low stakes drawings or sketches in my logbook, but some, like the Supra, were meant to be rendered to a high level.

Visual Communication: Design Sketching and Visual Design

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