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Research to Improve UI: Google Meet



In a group of 3, over the course of 4 weeks, we were given the task of analyzing and redesigning a simple interactive system. We performed a task analysis on the system and identified issues, largely with the help of primary users of the system. Based on human factors analysis of the system, we were to define new design requirements and create prototypes to address them.


We began by identifying a platform that users had experiences issues with. We chose to evaluate Google Meet, in the context of elementary school teachers having to conduct their classes on the platform during the COVID-19 pandemic. I reached out to teachers I knew using the system, and conducted several interviews, taking note of problem areas. They expressed issues like having to describe what certain buttons looked like, difficulty directing students to the correct page, and having to guide them to share their screen in order to troubleshoot.


We created a clickable prototype using Figma, with a more polished look of Teacher Mode. We tried to mimic the style of Google Meet as it exists already, while incorporating some of the feedback we received, like larger icons. See URL for prototype.


In this project, I struggled a bit with translating the issues the primary users wanted to address, as I was the one who conducted the interview, with the final prototype (my teammates took the lead on that stage). I did experience difficulty with one partner in particular who, at times, failed to come through with their part of the project in a timely manner. However, the project came together and the teachers thought it was a good addition to the platform, asking if it could actually be implemented.

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