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Protoyping: Boba Buddy



For this project, we were told to investigate 2 bugs among those we observed in our everyday life, then explore possible solutions, and prototype something new. We were then instructed to create a storyboard to build empathy with the product. Finally, present a final rendering of the solution.


I thought about current problems or minor inconveniences in my life. At the time, I was drinking boba multiple times a week and wanted to design for other boba drinkers. From the beginning, the boba bottle was my stronger idea, so I mainly included my work for that idea.


I made a paper prototype with tape, which met the basic requirements but had its limitations in complexity. I focused on demonstrating the shape of the bottom of the bottle. I presented this alongside my final rendering highlighting key features.


I could have gone a step further in my paper prototype in showing more of the details of how things worked, like the front button closure/lid. I could have also explored more sophisticated material, like plastic, but I do have to consider that this class was taken classes were resuming after the COVID-19 lockdown, so I had limited options for construction.

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