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Understanding a Market: Sticker Business



I started a side business starting mid-2020, selling my own artwork that I was selling primarily as stickers. I started it to offset costs like tuition and other school expenses.


I have had the capacity to devote energy to this business to various degrees over the years, mainly for reasons such as school and travel. During times of high capacity and high spending, I was able to grow quickly with a combination of social media marketing and paid advertising, as well as the ability to add a number of designs in a short amount of time. At some point, my sister designed a turtle sticker, which there was high demand for as well. We combined our brand to become the current Okhuu Polamimi Arts.


We have successfully run our art and design business for a number of years with lots of positive feedback on our work. We hope to expand our marketing in the near future.


We have struggled a bit with scheduling, as our work has been dependent on our homework and school workloads and timelines. We have had to be strategic about when we push out marketing material to reflect our fluctuating capacities.

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