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Visual Communication: Design Sketching and Visual Design



These are a collection of product sketches, digital sketches and rendered images from various classes. The goal is to communicate the product or subject most efficiently or effectively. I have also included miscellaneous graphic design work.


Over the course of sketching out various objects, I learned a lot about texture, depth, shape, and light. I learned the importance of being able to use sketches to not only iterate on products but to use them to communicate them to the world. I worked with a pen and paper, and an iPad, Apple Pencil, and Procreate.


Many of these were low stakes drawings or sketches in my logbook, but some, like the Supra, were meant to be rendered to a high level.


I struggled a bit with the proportions of the car initially. I may have benefitted from more thumbnail sketches or loose sketches to get a better feel for the proportions.

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