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Graphic Design Iteration: SFIS Track



I was commissioned by the SFIS Track Coach to make a t-shirt design for their team. I started out with basic mock-ups to gauge which direction to take it, as I had very little instruction to start off with.


I worked in black and white first, then expanded to giving color options as we narrowed in on a direction. I was inspired by my own track days and tried to choose a range of events that SFIS has represented well. It took a lot of back and forth, but we finally got to a point where we agreed it looked good.


In this project, I definitely feel like I “overdid it” in my options before pulling back a lot and simplifying it knowing it would need to be printed on a t-shirt. It ended up being one of my favorite shirt designs and I still wear it around.


Looking back, it’s clear that I should have led the conversation about design direction from the beginning. Though that was one of my first real free-lance graphic design projects, I learned from that experience and now know to ask more questions early in the process to make my job easier.

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